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Personal Coaching

Personal coaching begins by looking at different aspects of one’s life (career, social life, family, friends, health, personal growth, etc.) Clients identify what is missing from their life, and where they want to grow. On an individual level, personal coaching will help people make decisions, identify their core values, and work toward having a more fulfilling, balanced life that is aligned with these values.

“I strongly recommend Pnina Tobin’s coaching.  I had been retired a short time, and had some issues I needed to work on to navigate the transition to my new life.  Together we blasted away at those issues.  She has an amazing ability to jump inside your head and stay with you while you sort things out, asking sharp questions and helping you to clarify what it is that you want to do.  She doesn’t have an agenda of her own; rather, she helps you define your own goals and look at any obstacles that might be in the way.  She is absolutely non-judgmental and completely empathic, but holds you to the direction that you have defined.  I felt such a sense of clarity while working with her.  It’s quite powerful, in many ways more so than therapy, because it feels more intense and more purposeful.  I guarantee you will emerge a more focused person.”

Ginger E.

Group Coaching

More economical than personal coaching, group coaching involves people pairing off and coaching each other or observing personal coaching with various group members.  Such groups are particularly useful when the members have issues in common such as similar life transitions or parenting issues. A new Women in Transition Coaching Group is beginning in the San Francisco Bay Area in January, 2010.  Contact Pnina Tobin for more information.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching helps people communicate with each other using their best selves to enhance the relationship.  This is not counseling. Rather, it uses coaching skills to help couples or parents and children communicate better. It involves putting judgments aside so they can be fully present with each other.  Then they get to know the other person’s higher self, values and judgments, and can make mutually beneficial agreements.

Types of relationship coaching:


Pnina is great! I had been involved in a contentious custody battle for over three years. I was dealing with my nightmare – an ex-husband who didn’t want to work things out. The constant fights and going to court had really affected both of our sons, I was at my wits’ end and overwhelmed. I felt like I was drowning in court documents at the same time as I had to keep afloat the emotional well -being of my children. As I saw it, there was no time for anything else, not even time to take care of myself. I was falling apart.

“I went to court and asked the judge to order co-parenting coaching for both myself and my ex-husband. The court ordered co-parent coaching with Pnina Tobin.

“She was fantastic in dealing with my ex-husband, even after he dropped out of the sessions. She really took the time to listen.  It was the first time in three years that I felt “normal.” She helped me rebuild my self-esteem and put things into perspective. My life has really changed ; through her, I learned new skills to deal with my ex without losing control of myself and skills to use to parent my sons with more understanding about their situation. I am truly thankful for Pnina’s wisdom, kindness, and most of all, her listening ear.

Katey J.

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