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Free sample coaching session

If you are wondering if coaching is for you, please contact Pnina for a free 30 minute sample coaching session at:

(510) 547-5557

or email us at

If you have made a decision to begin coaching, you may contact Pnina to schedule an appointment.

Coaching sessions take place primarily on the phone, but personal and group face-to-face coaching sessions can be arranged with those who live in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

For more information on Pnina Tobin’s parenting workshops, parent coaching, and child sexual abuse prevention training for parents and caregivers, please visit





“Pnina’s work as a Parenting Coach completely changed my life.  Her coaching was so great — like having a wonderful, motivating manager encouraging me to do my best and be the best parent that I could be.  Most importantly, she helped me to find that place inside me that knew all the answers regarding how to raise my child — helping me to ignore the well-meaning opinions of others.  I was able to draw on my own internal wisdom about myself and my child, and translate this into action.

“I used to get overwhelmed by certain situations, now I quietly accept them and respond with more compassion — fully aware of my child’s needs and my own.  I am able to be firmer, more understanding, and better at guiding my child positively.  It has been a wonderful process to be “coached” into trusting myself!  Thanks Pnina!”

Margo W.


Contact information:

Pnina Tobin, MPA, CPCC, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach


P. O. Box 12101

Berkeley, CA 94712

(510) 547-5557

“As a life coach, Pnina Tobin has been instrumental in bringing a new perspective in the way I see myself and interact with others.  She has provided me with new tools that have improved my quality of life and overall well-being; tools I use in almost every aspect of my personal, family, and professional life.  Thank you, Pnina, for your dedication in serving others.  You are an inspiration, a bright light that guides my path.”

Teresa L.

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