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Listen to Pnina on CUTV News Radio (originally aired on June 16, 2015)

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About Pnina – the founder of On Your Side Coaching

Pnina Tobin, MPA, CPCC, is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach. She started On Your Side Coaching in 2006 to encourage people to make changes in their lives. She has more than thirty-five years’ experience working as a consultant and trainer in parenting and child sexual abuse prevention on the local, state, national and international levels. Pnina has personally been through many transitions in her life, and has been helpful to others going through their own transitions.  Currently she continues this work as a coach for women leaders of social change organizations, and other women in transition, as well as for parents and families. Pnina holds a Masters degree in Non-profit administration from the University of San Francisco. Her thesis examined women executive directors of non-profits, and how they felt about using power in management. She also was the founder and executive director of two non-profit organizations. These were Social Justice organizations advocating for the rights of single parents and prevention of child sexual abuse. Pnina has spent much of her career advocating for the rights of children to be listened to and respected. She also studied Gestalt therapy with Fritz Perls, its founder, and participated in improvisational theater.  From both these experiences, she acquired knowledge and skills to enrich her coaching, by helping people to fully experience their process from moment-to-moment in their lives. Pnina is the single parent of two grown children, and grandmother of three. She uses her life experiences as parent, grandparent, and elder, to inform her coaching. She believes that people are capable of growing and changing, no matter what stage of life they are in.

“Where else in your life experience do you have the freedom to discuss any topic in the absence of judgment and opinions? Where in your life do you have someone that is willing to blurt out your thoughts that fall in the spaces among your words? “If you look for solutions, clarity, answers, or courage– Pnina’s coaching will take you on a wondrous internal journey where a whole new world of abundant resources, advisors, and knowledge come to life. You will create from your inner space the best of who you are. If you don’t yet know the best of who you are, get ready -because Pnina will definitely introduce the two of you.” Christine S.

What is co-active coaching and what can it do for you?

Coaching helps people make hard decisions.  It teaches clients to look at situations from different perspectives, so they can explore alternatives, and not stay stuck in one. When faced with a dilemma, they can consciously choose a direction. Co-active coaching focuses on action and looking forward, as well as deepening and applying learning.  It is time-limited. Coaches assume that their clients are creative, resourceful, and don’t need fixing.  With nurturing and guidance, coaches believe their clients can find their own solutions, ones that reflect their values and interests. As a co-active coach, Pnina provides her curiosity, intuition, and belief in her clients as she champions them, cheering them on as they find and live their dreams. Co-active coaching can help people discover what drives them, what they are passionate about, and what their strongest values are.  Once people discover their values, they can live a more fulfilling life in line with those values. For example, one of Pnina’s  most deeply cherished values is that of respectful connection between people. She honors this value as a coach by making a respectful, and caring, connection with her clients.

“Pnina Tobin has a special talent for showing you how to view your particular situation from various perspectives.  These perspectives allow you to peel back your layers and expose your truth.  Once your truth is exposed, your strength is also exposed and Pnina can help you find your strength and bring clarity to your conflict.  She’s someone you can truly trust and I recommend her highly.” Sue G.

On Your Side Coaching

As people do the work to make the necessary changes in their lives, they often say it helps them to have a coach who is on their side – who believes in and champions them as they step out of their comfort zone. On Your Side coaching provides this support. Pnina will nurture and encourage you to find the supports within and outside yourself. She will stay with you and help you get to places where you can get acquainted with the person you are becoming.

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